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│ Description │

SONARE PLUS is a pre-amplifier fitted with Phono terminal.
SONARE PLUS is fitted with CR type phono equalizer amplifier.
NFB type phono equalizer adopts CR type equalizer to overcome the limit of sound quality.
The Phono Unit has 180times final amplification degree based on 1KHz and is composed of each non-feedback type amplification stage so it can create elegant sound with vivid harmonic tone to revive vacuum tube tone.

SONARE PLUS puts a lot of consideration for Phono Unit and is fitted with several functions required for LP users as follows;
1. It is fitted with Rumble Filter catching 30Hz band of base resonance and also provided with scratch noise filter for LP with severe noises.
2. Load Selector is fitted to select and optimize Cartridge Load Impedance.

Gain of Line Terminal can be adjusted to proper gain with the output level regulator.
Specially buffer terminal is provided to prevent change of the output impedance when output level is adjusted.
There is Tone Control Circuit on front left.
SONARE PLUS is fitted with a separate defeat switch to make output without passing through Tone Control Circuit.
As it is on your mind that signals pass through Tone Control Circuit at all the times even if the electric characteristics are smooth, Tone Defeat Switch is provided.
As Amplification Unit is composed of non-feedback, Power Unit is composed strictly.
The reason is that Non-feedback method is fundamentally weak against noises because it has no room to be improved by negative feedback.
Even if it was sufficiently considered to secure high S/N ratio at the early stage of designing Amplification Unit, the power quality is very important.
Power is rectified by 6CA4, a heat radiation type rectifier, is put in Ripple Stabilization Unit composed of FET and put out in intact direct current.
In addition, as it uses a power transformer with little leakage flux and molded in epoxy, it reduces leakage flux and prevents the tremor of the transformer fundamentally.
Due to FET ripple filter removing ripple of Power Unit perfectly as wells such considerations, high S/N ratio comparable to a semiconductor pre-amplifier has been realized.
Even if it is all-in-one type Phone/Pre-amplifier, SONARE PLUS made aiming at characteristics unenviable for a separate type Phono Amplifier will be a good choice for a person who feels keenly the sound quality limit of a negative return type Phono Amplifier.

│ Specification │

1) Gain:
Phono Unit: 180 times (based on 1KHz)
Line Unit: 14 times (Variable between 0~14 times)

2) Characteristics of Frequency (at Output Voltage 5V)
High-bandwidth upper limited frequency: -3dB 35.64KH
Low-bandwidth lower limited frequency: -3dB 6Hz

3)Non-clip Output Voltage:
Phono Unit: 39V
Line Unit: 30V

4) Characteristics of Tone Control:
Based on 100Hz MAX 11.5dB MIN 10.5dB
Based on 50Hz MAX 16dB MIN 15dB
Based on 10KHz MAX 18.5dB MIN 15.5dB
Based on 5KHz MAX 11dB MIN 10dB
*. To provide for not using Tone Control, it is provided with Defeat Switch.

5) Input Unbalance 5 systems, Output Unbalance 2 systems

6) REC Terminal provided

7) Applied Vacuum Tube: 12AX7 * 6ea, 6CA4 *1ea

8) W455 H173 D320

9) Weight: 11.5Kg

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