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│ Description │

SONARE CONSOLLET is upgraded to royal series.
Though it is totally different amplifier in circuit and in structure, it is identified in series remaining the model name, SONARE.

│ Major upgrades are │

1. Instead of existing 100K 2 pair volume of Alps, 22 steps selector volume which is fabricated with 23 steps selector by separating L/R is installed.
Fine control is available with light touch.
In spite of excellent advantages of the volume fabricated with selector, unsmooth control at low volume has been the complaint, so this issue is solved.
Smooth control is available by dividing 110 steps connecting with 5 steps output level volume which is fabricated with 6 steps selector with -3dB damping characteristic each.

2. White noise is lowered to zero level.
White noise is the phenomenon from the moving of irregular electrons in vacuum so it cannot be prevented basically.
Even though it is unavoidable in vacuum tube, it is fully resolved in circuitry.
White noise has been lowered down to the extent of hard-to-hear level without using NFB(Negative Feedback) while tender timbre is maintained as it is.

3. 22 steps selector volume is installed for loudness control.
Listening at low volume does not provide fullness.
"This is because of the lower sensibility of human hearing sense in low and high sound ranges as the volume is lower, which is explained in Fletcher-Munson curve.
Loudness control is the function to compensating hearing sense by circuit based on this curve.
However, the volume linkage type installed in low price amplifier does not provide smooth compensation in low sound range.
To solve such disadvantage, the loudness control shall be separated from volume.
When low range and high sound are insufficient by lowered volume, control the loudness to get flat characteristic in hearing sense.
As the control is set by compensating of low and high sound ranges for individual hearing sense characteristics by itself, natural timbre is provided individually.
Also 22 steps selector volume prevents L/R differences, no balance collapses.
While conventional one-way theory is succeeded, entire sound quality has been improved by raising quality in each function. Only same model name is used, but totally different type of circuit is configured.
The best value what I can achieve is realized so that this preamplifier can be remained as a representative of my name even sometime I no longer exist in this world.
I think it is an innovation to configure the preamplifier which improved circuitry in eliminating white noise of vacuum tube from hearing even if the negative pressure sensitivity of speaker is high.
The tender and flowing sound quality which is expected in vacuum amplifier is available only in one-way type amplifier.
In NFB type amplifier, it is unavoidable that the harmonics of unique vacuum tube is damped as much as the NFB ratio.
It is the reason that electrical improvement is not made by NFB.

4. Tantalum resistors are used for all resistors.
To improve completeness of SONARE CONSOLLET ROYAL, tantalum resistor which is the best quality in this era was used.
Rear side of SONARE CONSOLLET preamplifier of royal series
From the left, input terminal LINE1, LINE2, CD, TUNER, TAPE, REC and BY PASS.
In the middle are two sets of output terminals.
Beside, serial number is engraved.

│ Specification │

1. Gain: X22 (Variable by 3 dB by 6 steps selector)
2. Non-clip maximum output voltage: 32V
3. Frequency characteristic (when output voltage is 5V)
 High range maximum frequency: -3dB 98.1KHz
 Low range minimum frequency: -3dB 6Hz
4. Loudness control characteristic
 100Hz: +18dB
 10KHz: +8dB
5. Tone control characteristic
 TREBLE: at 10kHz
 MAX +17.5dB
 MIN -15dB
 BASS: at 100Hz
 MAX +13dB
 MIN -13dB
6. Vacuum tubes used: 12AX7* 4ea, 12AY7 * 2ea, 6CA4 *1ea
7. W460 H198 D330
8. Weight: 13kg

│ Function │

1. Out level control function
2. Tape monitoring
3. Output for recording
4. Cone control
5. Tone defeat
6. Bypass
7. Loudness control

Using a preamplifier in which all functions were obsolete but a volume, many mania experienced confusion.
In the meantime they raised base some to compensate low sound and lowered base to the booming noise of low sound, but when tone control has disappeared, they had to replace speaker to compensate low sound or booming due to lack of space.
Sound source is also not perfect always.
Sometimes low sound volume may be insufficient.
In such event, if there is a tone control function in preamplifier it's not a problem in use, but if not, insufficient low sound is unavoidable.
In general home, listening space is not under ideal conditions.
Mostly low range sounds insufficiently.
In order to compensate such problem, replacing the speaker with bigger one would be a solution but rising base a bit will get same result.
Generally it's hard to get musical impression in small volume, however loudness controlling will give you musical impression even under small volume.
It will not be easy to produce a preamplifier will all function without any trouble.
But it is one of part that can be overcome through study.
Skipping a function because of its intricacy is not a good consideration for user.
In SONARE CONSOLLET ROYAL SERIES, all functions are installed but high S/N ratio is achieved as much as semiconductor preamplifier and warm and tender timbre has been achieved.
Function to use reel deck is adopted as well as bypass function for A/V user.
Reel deck is high level sound source which can be used as a mastering tape to make LP.
In these days its price is low, as it may be because of few users in these days.
It is recommendable to use if space is available.
Recording a relay from the program on the air from radio would be a good way to get good sound source.
Air check function of SONARE allows recording music and listening of recorded source simultaneously.
This is a advantage of reel deck equipping 3 heads, however this function cannot be used without monitor function in preamplifier.
In ROYAL SERIES SONARE, out level control which is configured with 6 steps attenuator is adopted.
Out level control prevents any failure in level matching with speaker or power amplifier in any event.
Under such configuration, no loss of sound quality due to mismatching occurs in any matching with any power amplifier.
SONARE ROYAL installs most of functions required in vacuum tube preamplifier and provides not only noise free sound but warm, flowing and attractive timbre of vacuum tube preamplifier.

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